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Besides his clinic, Simon Graf, is developing new possibilities to integrate up-to-date technology in the orthodontic field. He started in the beginning of 2014 with a cad/cam-procedure for 3D-metal- printed rapid-palatal-expansion device(hyrax) directly from an intraoral scan. As soon he was able to establish a standardized protocol for this appliance, he continued to work on the herbst-appliance, lingual arch etc. and proceeded to bone-borne appliances.
As the materials are evolving, he is now working on acrylic direct printed removable appliances, with the idea to simplify the orthodontic daily business. Also, he is involved in the development of self-designing appliance software.
He is lecturing about these topics since 2016 worldwide.

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Publications (first author)

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1053/j.sodo.2023.01.001

Simon Graf
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Publications (co-author)

Planejamento virtual e impressão de aparelho metálico
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CAD/CAM: Die nächste Evolutionsstufe für das Herbst-Geschiebe
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Co-author chapter 19 of “The herbst appliance, successful treatment of the class II dysgnathia”, Hans Pancherz, Quintessenz Publishing, March 2022

Scientific posters

Defektverhalten konventionell gegossener vs. digital laser-gesinterter Herbstapparaturen
K. Klaus1, P. Göllner2, S. Graf3, S. Ruf, DGKFO, Wiesbaden, Germany, September 2021